Do You Find It Challenging To Generate Sales Leads In the UAE?

These leads will keep your sales team busy in 2018

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B2B and B2C  UAE Business contacts 2018 (FREE LIFETIME update)

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1. More than 600,000 Contacts

2. Bonus 289,000 + mobile  marketing records

3. Ready & complete in EXCEL format

4. Updated, comprehensive and well categorized

5. Researched/Sourced from Multiple sources

6. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

7. Lifetime Update (Last Updated on Jan 2018)

LIFETIME Update Included

$197 ONLY

Updated - 2018 Database

 $3,450 Value

Addresses are verified for being in a valid RFC 2822 compliant format

All addresses are filtered against each other to remove any duplicates

Addresses are filtered against the list of disposable email address providers 

The Email Database validation and cleaning process

Deep cleaning SMTP test to check if Mailbox exists

UAE Business Database has gone through the following processes

Industry Categories

Which of the following defines your current Sales activities?

1. Already setup your company in the UAE but struggling to find qualified sales leads

2. Not in the UAE but testing the UAE market before you decide to setup

3. An established company in the UAE but looking to find a new sales source

If you fall in any of the above categories, then we can help

All of the following is included

Dubai Real Estate Database

UAE business database -  contact name, phone & email IDs

Tele Call Researched - Contact name, Mobile and email IDs

UAE free-zones -  Business names, phone no. & email IDs

Business executives  -  name, phone, mobile & email IDs

Nationality wise (businessmen) - contact name, mobile & email IDs

Jumeirah & Marina Area  - contact name, mobile & email IDs

Business Towers in Dubai   name, mobile & email IDs

Jumeirah Lake Towers -  name, mobile & email IDs

Bonus Material included  Worth $635

289,794  UAE SMS Marketing details

2. Excel workbook with Individuals names i.e Name/firm/ Position/ VALIDATED email IDs - 500 + contacts

FREE Bonus Material Included worth $950

3. Business Plan templates, Email scripts for raising investments, checklists etc

1. Contact details of individuals at middle east private equity firms, middle east private equity funds, real estate investors, private investors etc

Some of these finest companies are Featured on the Arab Investors Database

The Get Hired in Dubai eBook will help you internalize the Dubai Job search process and approach it with the right mindset. The 8 steps will help you get ahead of the curve by using techniques that most people are unaware of . This book will literally save you tens if not hundreds of hours of trial and error

 FREE eBooks Included

The Distraction eBook is about reclaiming your life back. We are living in an age of distraction where its increasingly difficult to lead a meaningful life because everything needs our attention either its social media or meaningless meetings. This eBook helps you find your focus, create meaningful work, find peace and leading a richer life.

About Startup Dubai

Established in 2007, Startup Dubai is a Brand under Middle East Business Resource.  Our B2B and B2C Products and Solutions help organisations and individuals get -to- market by reaching decision makers and influencers.

Navigate to our Products and Solutions section and learn more on how we can help you.

(a) How does the download work?


(1) Click on Buy Now and Once you've paid; you'll be directed to a digital download page.

(2) You can download the UAE Business Database and the Bonus FREE material from this download page.

(3) A confirmation email with an Order # will also be sent to you with the download link in case you wish to download this later (download page will remain active for 6 months)

(b) How Does the Money back work?

(1) For Whatever reason you would like to request a refund, send an email to (with the email receipt)

(2) You have 60 Days to request for a refund

(3) Credit card or PayPal - The refund process works the same

(c) How do you assure that my purchase is protected ?

As an added layer of comfort we've included the PayPal Option. If you make your purchase through our PayPal option. Your refund is covered by the PayPal protection program (Read about PayPal's purchase protection here)

(d) How effective is this database?

 Jan 16th, 2018.  A lot of efforts has gone in researching, compiling and structuring.

(e) Can you send an invoice so I can get my company to pay?

The confirmation email has the invoice generation feature

(f) I don't have a credit card; Can I pay in cash?

We currently only accept Credit card, Paypal and if you are based in the UAE then a direct deposit to our company account. 

(g) Is buying an email list a good idea, to begin with?

1. Email lists represent an important channel to help companies generate business and increase brand awareness.

2. By optimizing the target audience, keeping the content relevant and through careful management of the communication frequency, email lists can be very effective.

3. Over 50% of start-up businesses fail in their first 3 years and many more lack the marketing budget to run large off-line product launches or to employ a large sales force. For companies like these and many more, email marketing provides an extremely useful way to reach larger audiences than would otherwise be possible.

4. Whilst in an ideal world all businesses could survive and grow by purely communicating with their existing customers, the reality is that this is not the case. For businesses that want to grow or start-up, it is essential to reach as many prospects as possible – targeted prospects who would find their message relevant.


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