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B2B Prospecting List


4500 B2B prospect list/month

Lead sheet (with emails)

Landing Page (optional)

Campaign Setup

Analytics Reports

3 Months Renewable Contract 

Cancel Anytime

1800 B2B prospect  list/month

Lead sheet (with emails)

Landing Page (optional)

Campaign Design 

Campaign Setup

Analytics Reports

3 Months Renewable Contract

Cancel Anytime

We build highly targeted custom list for B2B prospecting

$ 3499

Get a complete custom list based on your requirements that your sales staff simply 'plug and play'.

Your lists include fields such as the following

  • Position /title.
  • Contact Details.
  • Company size.
  • Industry.
  • And more.

1. Create highly targeted outbound email system.
2.Send a personalized email to various levels of decision makers

An in-house B2B sales prospecting team is expensive, time-consuming and creates mixed messaging, strategies and results.

Industry Challenge

700 B2B prospect list/ month

Lead sheet (with emails)

Landing Page (optional)

Campaign Setup

Analytics Reports

3 Months Renewable Contract

Cancel Anytime

$ 1499




Custom email list building - Pricing

$ 699

Outsourced B2B Prospecting List


Our approach is a multi-channel outreach program that delivers  results at a fraction of the cost and time.



Our Solution

Building a marketing/sales/event promotion list in a time bound setting is extremely challenging.

$ 10,800

LinkedIn Outbound emails

Featured post on LinkedIn

Featured on 4 Groups

Duration one month

Lead sheet (with emails)*

* on Landing page


LinkedIN Outbound emails- Pricing

Startup Dubai manages the popular Dubai based LinkedIn groups.

.We can send your marketing/sales/event promotion (Via Announcements) to more than 220,000 plus members on Dubai specific LinkedIn Groups.

  1. This is one of the most effective high reputation (goes via LinkedIN domain) email campaigns.

  2. These are best for instant conversions and instant sales leads.

Reach 220,000 LinkedIn Member Inboxes

Industry Problem

LinkedIn 277% More Effective for Lead Generation Than Facebook & Twitter- Hubspot


/4 email announcements

$ 1400

/featured post

LinkedIN Outbound emails


LinkedIN Group announcements generate instant high quality leads and even instant purchases (on Landing pages that have the buy now option). These are very effective for time bound campaigns


Our Solution

$ 3200

One LinkedIn announcement

Announcement in 4 groups

Analytics report (Link Clicks)*

Campaign Setup

* on Landing page

Four LinkedIn announcement*

Announcement in 4 groups

Analytics report (Link Clicks)**

Campaign Setup

*across 30 days

** on Landing page

/one email announcement

Please note:

1. This service works best with a landing page. If you do not have one, we can create it.

2. This is an announcement service, the emails are not shared until its generated as a lead on your landing page

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