5 Small Business Ideas in Dubai

Business opportunities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with low investment

Mini Mart/Grocery/Corner Shop:

Opening a grocery can be a lucrative business venture in Dubai, especially if you do this in an area of Dubai with little to no competition, typically in an upcoming residential development (of which there are many) When people are looking for specific items or food staff and wouldn't bother to drive far to get just a few items from a larger shop or supermarket.

Cleaning services:

From carpet cleaning and home cleaning to building services and car wash. Dubai likes it clean and this opportunity is on the peak here. For hourly and monthly charges to annual contracts, this "what you see is what you get" service is definitely worth considering.

The Dubai Economic Department even issues licencing on the type of cleaning services that you want to venture in.

Although the entry barrier for competition is low, if you establish yourself in a niche cleaning area, then are on your way to grow and expand faster then your had imagines.

Online Business/Storefront:

Online business is big in Dubai with global giants such as Amazon wanting a piece of the pie and the local heavy weight competing headlong.

Well, is there anything left for me you might ask? Good question.

Yes, when there is billions of dollars at stake with the big players, even a small piece of the pie translates to millions if not tens of million in revenue for the smaller ones.

The population density within a small geographic proximity, higher disposable income and internet users actively searching for better offers online rather then going retail, all but makes this a very lucrative business opportunity.

From clothing, electronics to niche items such as online rental of items. Its all possible here and worth considering.

Telecom Solution Business:

This is a business that never goes out of style in Dubai.

With more business requirements comes more IT/Telecom service requirements, all of which translates to a lucrative business opportunity.

With proliferation of IT telecom equipment at small and large business, combined with increasing complexity, the market for IT and telecom services has grown.

Health and Fitness Business:

This will be the finest opportunity in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. While this business is springing up like wild mushrooms. The memberships are through the roof (especially during New years, wonder why?)

One a serious note, most gyms have a wait time to use the equipment. Thats where you come to solve the problem. Yes, another gym.

This is by far the most lucrative opportunity for many reasons.Some of them being, the demographics leaning towards the younger population, the weather, building gyms not always equipped and upgrades etc.

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