How effective or accurate is this database?

Updates are done 3-4 times a year, you get all updates FREE of cost
Although, we try and follow the best practices, no available database is free from bounce rates, since people change email addresses, phone numbers and other contact details all the time. We don't promise you a complete validated database but urge you to have your own validation method using online email validation tools. We try to mitigate the risks by running validations continually and following best practices whilst offering your lifetime free updates. Every update involves: (a) Remove invalid emails (b) Adding new sets of validated data Best Practices we follow:

1. Eliminate Duplicates:-Removes all duplicate email addresses 2. Catch-All Verification:-Identify the catch-all type addresses to avoid emailing thereby improving the overall deliverability hygiene 3. Syntax Validation:- Conforming invalid syntax to the standard format 4. Normalize:-Normalize the account name by removing the dots of the Gmail address to avoid multiple email addresses pointing to the same inbox 5. Remove Sub address:-Normalizes sub address from the Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo/iCloud to avoid multiple email addresses pointing to the same inbox 6. Mailbox Existence:-Verifies the email addresses to check if there is a mailbox that exists or not.

When is the next update?

There next update will be in June 2020 All updates are FREE on one time purchase. Go to the same download link on your purchase confirmation email to download the updates.

How does the download work?

(1) Click on Buy Now and Once you've paid; you'll be directed to a digital download page. (2) You can download the UAE Business Database and the Bonus FREE material from this download page. (3) A confirmation email with an Order # will also be sent to you with the download link in case you wish to download this later (download page will remain active for 6 months)

How do you assure that my purchase is protected?

As an added layer of comfort we've included the PayPal Option.

I don't have a credit card; Can I pay in cash?

We currently only accept Credit card, Paypal and bank transfer (only within UAE)

Is buying an email list a good idea, to begin with?

1. Email lists represent an important channel to help companies generate business and increase brand awareness. 2. By optimizing the target audience, keeping the content relevant and through careful management of the communication frequency, email lists can be very effective. 3. Over 50% of start-up businesses fail in their first 3 years and many more lack the marketing budget to run large off-line product launches or to employ a large sales force. For companies like these and many more, email marketing provides an extremely useful way to reach larger audiences than would otherwise be possible. 4. Whilst in an ideal world all businesses could survive and grow by purely communicating with their existing customers, the reality is that this is not the case. For businesses that want to grow or start-up, it is essential to reach as many prospects as possible – targeted prospects who would find their message relevant.

How does StartUp Dubai Differ from other similar services or websites?

Our data is limited and consistenly updated from a very large data pool You've probably noticed other similar services or websites selling 1 million, 1.2 million data being sold elsewhere. This doesn't work and will spoil mailserver reputation Also, there are many copycat website like ours - they will not give you lifetime updates and you are stuck with it.

Whats new in the recent update?

The recent update has the following additions: 1. 520 new startups records 2. DMCC 5374 New records 3. B2B Execs 11,391 records UPDATED ON 6TH JAN 2020, ALL UPDATES ARE FREE ON ONE TIME PURCHASE

What's contained in this database?

1. The B2B directory has 40,000 plus records
2. UAE Free-zones B2B Directory has 22,000 plus records
3. Business Professionals (various sectors) has 14,000 plus records 4. The B2C Homeowners directory has 25,000 plus records
5. Mobile marketing list has 270,000 plus records

6. DMCC Directory has 4,300 plus records 7. Startup companies directory has 2,000 plus records 8. Bonus material 1 contains: Arab Business Directory 9. Bonus material 2 contains: Get Hired In Dubai Recruitment / HR contacts . 10. Bonus material 3 contains: Ebook- Distraction- Find Your Focus
11. Bonus material 4 contains: Ebook- 11 proven ways to generates leads in Dubai
12. Bonus material 5 contains: Ebook- 17 B2B email templates to close deals

13. Bonus material 6 contains: Ebook- 8 Proven ways to get hired in Dubai

The database comes with FREE lifetime updates i.e Buy once and get all future upates for Free










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